We are a medium-sized law firm covering the entire range of legal services.

Our professional staff strive to treat clients with the individual attention that they deserve, and not as mere ‘units’ in a legal machine. Our holistic approach ensures that all aspects and consequences of our client’s case are fully considered, whilst fastidious attention to detail ensures the best possible outcome.

Our early history of acting for the disenfranchised has resulted in today’s conservative approach towards fees, manifesting in a deep concern that each client receives ‘value for money’ in all ways. We pride ourselves on what some might term ‘old-fashioned values’ of integrity and service.

When it comes to our success rate, we take pride in what we have accomplished, as we believe we work harder than most in order to achieve a high rate of success for our clients.




This describes a wide range of types of law which focus on securing the human or constitutional rights of individuals and groups, usually against government or large companies.
All types of cases where individuals or companies are aggrieved, and need to litigate in order to recover damages from others.  This requires experience and skill in commercial and contractual matters, and in damages claims.
We attend to the purchase, sale and transfer of all forms of property; domestic (homes), farms and commercial properties, including all matters such as rental claims and body corporate issues related to such property.
All issues arising from the employment relationship are covered, including collective (union) matters,  unfair dismissals, restructuring of staff, and representing clients at the CCMA or in the Labour Court.
We represent clients in divorce actions, ensuring the rights not only of clients but also of children are protected.
We have a strong history of intervention in environmental cases, in which we generally represent groups or communities in ensuring that environmental issues relating to development are protected.
This area of law applies where individual rights are detrimentally affected by an administrative action, usually by a tier of government. We have considerable experience challenging unfair or unprocedural government action.
Our firm has a proud history of representing communities and individuals, using the many Acts drafted to bring about land reform.  These include the Restitution Act, the Communal Properties Act, the Extension of Security of Tenure Act, and others.  This area of law is one of our most important areas of focus.
These areas of law cover the establishment of trusts, whether as a result of estate planning, by an individual or by a community desiring to apply a sum of money for a particular purpose in the future.  This area of law ensures the wise protection of assets, as well as the drafting of wills and the winding up of deceased estates.
These areas of law involve the protection of the interests of clients involved in a wide range of commercial activities. The issues may stem from contractual agreements or other documents, and involve accurate drafting to prevent unnecessary recourse to litigate.
Disputes between landlords and tenants are governed by the contract of lease, which requires sound advice to prevent litigation to resolve them.
We assist clients who suffer damages from motor vehicle accidents to process and prosecute their claims for compensation against the Road Accident Fund.
We are particularly active in the field of ADR, which includes Arbitration, Mediation and other interventions aimed at solving disputes without the time and expense of civil litigation.